Worldwide Air Ambulance Alliance

Working Together

Wherever, whenever and for whatever reason a patient needs to be transported, European Air Ambulance (EAA) and its Air Alliance partners across the globe stand ready to assist.

By working together, combining knowledge and expertise, the Air Alliance partners can offer the quickest and safest interventions and the very best medical care – in all four corners of the world.

With wing to wing transfers and centralised planning, repatriation is seamless even across extremely long distances.

Global partners in the Air Alliance are carefully selected, to ensure the very highest standards of service and medical care are provided.

So whether it’s in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa or Australasia, the Air Alliance partners are ready to help.

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Worldwide Air Ambulance Alliance

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Air Alliance for a trans-continental rapid and cost effective aeromedical repatriation

When illness or injury strikes far from home, there is just one thing a patient wants - to get home as quickly and smoothly as possible, with the highest standards of medical care.

Thanks to the Air Alliance – made up of EAA and its partner air ambulance companies – patients and clients can rely on swift and cost-effective intervention, in all four corners of the world.

EAA co-ordinates the air ambulance repatriation in collaboration with carefully selected partners, to ensure the highest quality of service is maintained. Thanks to this unique set of formal agreements, the Air Alliance is leading the way in the world of collaborative working within the medical air transport sector.

Through individual agreements, EAA’s reach now extends through its partners to every corner of the globe – with highly-respected companies on board including RMSI in Middle East; AMREF in Eastern Africa; ER24 in Southern Africa; Skyalta in North America; AirLink in Central America / the Caribbean; BrasilVida and Argentina Jets in South America; LifeFlight in Australasia.

Each of the partners has signed an individual agreement with EAA, committing to working on missions that require a collaborative approach for a trans-continental repatriation.

While all are separate companies offering comprehensive services independently to insurance and assistance companies, governments and NGOs, corporations and individuals, the partners have an important thing in common - they are all dedicated to improving the efficiency of emergency medical transport, and they all understand the benefits of working together when it is in the best interests of the patient and client to do so.

It makes sense to use partners’ specific local knowledge and expertise; and it makes sense to maximise partners’ experience of working in challenging or remote locations. When rapid intervention is required, and the quickest, safest repatriation is called for, there is an Air Alliance partner in every corner of the world ready to respond.

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